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Remember the very first time I met WAS? I sure do... - Nothing I do's my fault. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Remember the very first time I met WAS? I sure do... [Jul. 29th, 2007|03:44 am]
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WAS were even more brilliant then I thought they'd be!
It was heartbreaking that they only played FIVE songs, though. But it's just an in-store; wotcha gonan do?

Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt
It's A Hit
Be My Baby
The Great Escape

When we first got there, we had to leave our bags at the counter, but luckily I had grabbed Keithdoll from mine. We got there only a few minutes before they came on, and had pretty good spots. When they finally came on, I was so fucking stoked...you have no idea. I wanted to scream and holler and yell for them, but Lord I would've been embarassed. nowadays, I'd totally do that sort of thing, with no regrets whatsoever.

All the while they were onstage, I was singing and bobbing along. This one chick in front of me was dancing, too, which pleased me to no end. I.fucking.loved it.

During Nobody Move, I could've sworn that Keith looked at me, and I thought he saw the doll, but I'm not sure...it was sort of hiding in my jacket. But, he looked at me (or the wall behind me) and got a huge smile on his face (but he always gets those at the randomest times). maybe he just saw the giant Strawberry Shortcake on my coat.

After the set, Chris challenged the crowd to bring anything for them to sign. Absolutely ANYTHING. Especially things non-W.A.S. related. I was disappointed when people thought there limbs were challenging. That washes right off! Silly girls...the best (besides mine!) was a girl who bought a fake moustache kit she had seen while in line, and got Chris to sign it. Lol.

While in line for the signing, my sister pulled me aside because I had been standing in Chris and Keith's way, and I didn't even realize it. Which is very typical of me. Once (at a Futurehads in-store at the same store, actually) Jaff walked right behind me while I had been yelling something about Dave's head being the sexiest.

Once we got up to WAS, I handed the doll to Keith and asked "Would you sign my Keith doll?"

I love that his initial response was to yell "Noo!!" and aim it like he was going to throw a football. but then he put it in front of him and admired it for a minute.

"You made this?"

When Chris saw it, I told him, "It was supposed to be a Chris doll, but..."

Chris: "It was too challenging!"

"Yes, exactly."

Keith signed it, then handed it to Michael, whose response was to look confuzzled and say "...is this a voodoo doll?"

"No, but it looks like one! I make dolls...of rockstars. I promise to make one of you!"

The counter they were behind was COVERED with posters that had a picture from the album on it, so, I think, since Michael was holding it down towards the table, he saw the picture from the album, and saw that the doll's outift matched the outfit of Keith's in the picture, then it clicked in his head, and he turned to Keith and said "Oh! It's..a Keithdoll? Oh!"

Then I think he complimented me. I'm not sure, all interaction is sort of mumbled around in my head...but once he signed it, Chris grabbed it and said something like "I'll sign it in a very, voodoo-ey spot..."

He then proceeded to plop Keithdoll face down on the counter, pull it's pants down and brand it's ass.

I'm sure if Keithdoll were real, he would've said somethign along the lines of "Oh..dear.."

Chris Cain is insane. Insanely shmexy!

While Keith was signing my doll, Robin put her shoe (a pretty pink pony) on the counter and asked them to sign it. Chris, very eagerly, grabbed it and signed the spot right up front at the toe (where they all signed it, and it of course has mostly rubbed off).

Then, I got my poor Keithdoll back. They complimented me on it, and I don't remember what they said about it, but it was very good and they loved it. XD

Then I yelled at Keith for playing the Doug Fir "It's overrage, and I'm underrage: you suck!" Keith apologized and said he didn't know, then we waved good-bye while someone else got there turn.

When we went to the counter to grab our bags, I scrambled around in there and pulled a paper out. Han had taken a picture of them in Brixton (an excellent one!) and I promised to print it out and get it signed. So I had to go back in the line. I left my bag and things with Robin .

I waited an age and a half in the long line, but eventually got my second turn. I said hello again, and showed them the picture and explained why I was in line a second time. They were very impressed by the picture, and thought it was excellent.

Keith: "is this when Alex was playing for us?..or am I just not playing..."

"oh, yeah, Alex is playing for you!"

Chris: "isn't that a bit of alex right there? (he mistook one of Michael's cymbals for a part of Alex's guitar, Keith and Michael were sort of "yeah, yeah" ) She cleverly cropped him out of the picture! I'll fix that..." he finished, grabbing the picture. He then drew a dancing, guitar-playing stick figure in Alex's place on the side of the paper, then signed it.

When Chris handed the picture to Keith, I pointed to the cats on the posters, and told WAS "my little brother wanted me to tell you that he loves the kitties on the album. He thinks they're cute."

Then they had conufsed sort of expressions, that seemed to say "what is a male doing thinking kittens are cute!?" So I told them his age.

"He's five."

Then they all sort of "oh"'d and "aw"'d in unison.

Keith: "Well, you tell your little brother, that maybe, if he asks his mommy and daddy nicely every day-"

"He's terrified of cats."

W.A.S in unison: "Ooohh."

Michael then pointed to my little brothers favorite cat, the black & white one Chris held that looks like my grandma's cat, and said "That one was terrified." Then Keith pointed to the same one to emphasize how terrified the cat was. "Yeah, that one was terrified."

While Keith was signing the photo, I turned to Michael who was looking at the picture and said "I love your beard."

Michael(with an adorable smile): "Thank you."

Then Keith said something clever that I can't remember: "It's like a soft, decidous forest!" maybe? It was something like that, anyways. I rememebr that it was "It's like a something-something forest!"

While Michael was signing the photo, I asked "So, are you guys playing anywhere in Portland soon that's not overage?"

Chris: "I'm not sure what the rules there are, but...Theeee Rose-land?"

"Oh, yess! I love The Roseland. They're good."

"Yeah, we're playing there...sometime innnn May? I'm not sure what the exact date is."

Then Keith and Chris started talking about that, I guess, I wasn't really listening, I think I just kind of stared at them with a smile while Michael signed the photo. When I was waving and walking away, Keith and Chris realised and said bye (they seemed awful surprised that I could bare to leave their presence).

I went back to Robin, who had our bags and a new Portland Mercury, and she'd called our mom to come pick us up. I rummaged around in my bag some more, and found the camera my mommy had given me. So I went back to the WAS counter (for the third time). This time there was no line, though. But there were a few people just hanging out, and I felt really awkward and just stood there for like a minute, waiting for something to happen, when I realized i could just talk to them and said hello.

When I said hi to Keith, he acted very shocked and astounded to see me again.

"Hi! Sorry to bother you again.."

WAS: "Hey! Hi, hello!"

"Do you think I could I get a picture of you with the doll?"

Keith: "Of course!!" he took the doll and started playing with it's collar. One of the guys standing there dressed all in black (darn emos!) said something like "What is that!?" Keith then, very proud-like, put the doll down next him in one of the posters and said "What do you think it is?" The man thought it was cool, I think, I couldn't really hear what he said.

Keith held the doll up and posed for the picture, and Chris and Michael got up and started to walk away, like they were trying to get out of the picture! I hurriedly todl them "No, no! You can be in the picture, too! Actually, I'd prefer that you were all in the picture."

Keith was looking sort of towards Chris and away from the doll, but Chris suggested he should be looking proudly and holding the doll so. I should've said something when I pressed the button, I'm not sure if Michael was ready. He kept turning his head! I hope it doesn't come out blurry or anything (don't worry, it wasn't blurry -- I just forgot to use flash *facepalm*).

I thanked them and told them they were awesome for the millionth time, and they kept complimenting me on the doll. I was afraid I might have seemed like I didn't care what they thought, since I was sort of backing away and saying goodbye. But I was terrified! I love WAS to death, they're my favorite and my best. I couldn't believe they kept complimenting me!

Then I went back to Robin, and we waited in the little hallway that's the entrance to Music Millenium. After a while, we went outside to wait for our mommy. After a little while longer, I saw WAS coming out. Once they got out, I yelled "Bye, WAS!" to Keith and Chris, and Chris turned first and said bye to us. When Keith saw Chris turn, he turned and said "Bye guys!" Then I saw Michael make his way out, and I yelled "Bye Michael!" and he waved and said bye.

He's so adorable!

Then Robin called me a dork.

the end

[User Picture]From: ashanachronism
2007-09-28 03:18 pm (UTC)
We have a thing for guys named Chris, you notice?

Hatfield has a girlfriend -_______-
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[User Picture]From: amanda5_19
2007-11-20 07:27 am (UTC)
I miss Michael!! :'(


Just wondering:
Did you go see Maximo last night?? (if so, how was it?)

[This is Amanda, who met your sister Robin @ the last Maximo gig in May, in case you forgot, lol.]
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